Home Décor By HCL.ME (Part 2)

Next comes the super soft Waves Memory Foam Bathmat Set.

I am so wowed by this set, I fell in love the first time I stepped on it. The feeling of the soft plush and the memory foam underneath is awesome, it is super soft and the plush has a nice velvety feel to it.
The set came with 2 mats one small and one large (Small Mat measures 17″ x 24″ and Large Mat measures 20″ x 32″). Having two bath mats is great; I can use one for the bathroom and for the kitchen. 
The reason I kept one in the kitchen is to give me some relief from feet ache because when I stand for a long time my feet starts to ache. It is so comfortable that me feet feels relieved standing one it.

When ordering the bath mat, I was impressed by the selection and range of colors that I could choose from, they have 12 shades, among which there are 4 different variation of blue. My bathroom has a kind of blue touch to everything including the blue bobby print shower curtain. 

The mat soaks water quickly and also dries out relatively faster than the other bath mat I had before this. The non-skid backing lets the mat stay in one place, which makes it safe to step on it after taking a shower or spilling water in the kitchen while loading the dishwasher. I am so happy with these bath mats that I wish I had a few more for all the hard wood flooring areas in our apartment.

And Lastly the Madison Table Cloth

The Table cloth is also 100% Polyester and has nice embroidery done throughout the fabric. There are 4 colors to choose from (Gold, Beige, Sage and Spice are the choices) and 2 sizes (54” x 102” and 54” x 84”). I chose the Spice or the burgundy color in the smaller size. The smaller table cloth fits tables measuring 36″ inch Wide x 60″ inch Length to tables 42″ inch Wide x 72″ inch Long. 

The table cloth is really gorgeous and makes a perfect alternative to the regular tablecloth I use every day when guests come over. The embroideries are in a design of leaves and branches and are very well done; I did not see any loose thread or a missing stitch throughout the table cloth. The thread of the embroidery is a little bit lighter in color than the base fabric of the tablecloth itself which gives it a very sophisticated look. And do not worry if you drop gravy on the table cloth while entertaining guest, it is machine washable too and can be tumble dried in the dryer. 

For now I am only using it on special occasions or when entertaining guests, but as soon as I get a bigger or better dining set it will be permanently on it.
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**I received one or more of the above mentioned product at a discounted price or for free to test and give my honest and unbiased review, no other type of compensation was made.

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