Is it too hard to turn on the signals?


I cannot help but write this blog post about a habit that most drivers here in California have. I have not driven a car in any other state so I won’t comment about the other states, but here in California drivers have a very bad habit of not turning their turn signals. I sometimes wonder whether not turning on the signal is cool or what?
Whenever I am driving or even when I am in the passenger seat I have noticed that most people do not turn their signals on, whether they are turning left or right or even when they are changing lanes. Wake up guys the thing is there for a reason, you may not worry about your safety but I do and so does many other people on the road who follows the road safety rules.
When someone does not turn on the turn signal the chances of a crash is increased significantly. “According to a report issued by Society of Automotive Engineers in April 2012, turn signal neglect causes as many as 2 million crashes per year in the U.S.” * so this as a plea to everyone, please turn on the turn signal every time you change direction. The person behind you may actually value his/ hers life more than you do yours or they may not be able to cover the insurance charges after they crash into you due to your neglect of turning on the signal.
I am one of those people who tries to be safe on the road and follows all the rules, we are neither mind readers, we do not know when you are going to change directions, so please turn your signal ON, it won’t take a lot of effort on your part to do so. Drinking and eating or even putting on makeup while driving is a lot harder than turning the signal on, and many people do those every day while driving. We (me and my husband) sometimes say that people here only turn on their signals when there is only 1 parking spot empty in a crowded parking lot.
Yes, I am showing my frustration over here but maybe someone, who generally does not turn on their signals will read this and next time he/ she may remember to turn their signals on and hopefully avoid a crash.



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