Oversized Shawl by OTIOTI

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Using a shawl in winter reminds me of my childhood, I simply cannot forget those days when during the early morning’s mom used to wrap a shawl around us to keep us snuggly and warm. Anyway I have always loved using a shawl which I why I ordered this, to be true this is not a regular shawl, regular shawls are rectangular in shape with the length much longer than the width. This OTIOTI shawl is a square, it measures 130 cm x 130 cm, so for me, it is more like a blanket than a shawl.

20160927_125020During heavy winter, it can be used as a scarf too but for that, you may have to fold it in a triangle first. I am not very good at the folding techniques hence not very sure how I can use the shawl as a scarf, but it sure would keep the neck warm if there is a snowfall.

One thing that I really liked about the shawl is that it is very soft to the touch, though the material is 100% Acrylic but unlike woolen shawls, it does not give me an itch.20160927_125035

There are no stitchings on the ends of the shawl, on 2 sides there are tassels in white and the other 2 side it is just open threads, but it does not look like they will come apart. The shawl or scarf whatever you may call it is reversible, on one side the color is lighter and the other side is darker. Both sides pair well with almost all clothes during winter, it could also be used during fall to carry over the shoulder.

I have not washed the shawl yet, but as far as my common sense tells me, it should not be washed in hot water as it is acrylic and I would always use a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low, just treat it as a woolen cloth while washing and it should hold up perfectly.


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