Adorama Pix Photo Books, one of the best Photo books I ever made

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Photo Books are a perfect way to preserve memories and cherish them forever. Whenever we take a long holiday we come back home with thousands of pictures (not exaggerating), next comes the dilemma where we have to pick the best and the special pictures out so that I can print them or make a photo book. Well, photo books have been our recent obsession. Previously we have used other online printing services and I have always liked them, but I was looking for a different printing service that would not cost a lot and still give me a good quality product.


I was thinking about making a photo book with only my daughter’s pictures in it, kind of like a cute portfolio for her (LOL). This time without going with my regular website, I decided to give Adorama Pix a try and I am really happy with the result. I made a 20 page 8 x 10 photo book latest service that I used to make an album with my daughter’s pictures since she was born, basically, it is her own little book to keep forever.

20161013_195252I made a 8 x 10, 20 pages custom hard cover photo book, and went with the P selected the paper texture as Pebble. Making the book was a fun process and tiring too, but the result is amazing. The photo book making
software in the Adorama Pix website have some preloaded themes in it, with fully customizable pages. The software was pretty easy to work with and I loved the cute little stickers they have for using in the book.

While I never faced an issue making the book at home, my husband tried to 20161013_195346access and help me to make the book from his office but  none of the pictures loaded. He had tried several times without any luck. It may be because of security reasons that the pictures never loaded, after all, he is a Senior Software Developer and his company won’t allow all websites to load on their network. He never had any problem with the other printing websites, though.

After I finished the book and ordered it, the price of the book came to $50.99 with free standard shipping over $50. I received the book within a week, which was awesome because Adorama Pix gave me an estimated date for over 2 and a half weeks. Now the book was in my hand and I cannot express how happy we all were with the book, especially the texture of the pages are really awesome, they are thick and had a great quality much better than the last book I made.

The cover of the book also has a nice touch to it, it looks really cool, unlike all the PhotoBooks I have made till date the cover page was not printed directly on the board. It was printed on same material the pages are made of and then was wrapped around the edges of the hardcover, this gave the book a nice look and felt better to the touch too.  One of the cool features Adorama Pix provides is that I can download a PDF file of the book I made or even upload a book I had made myself as a PDF file too.

Honestly, now I have a new website to go to when I need a photo book made, at least I could compare the prices and get the best rate for the same product and I am sure, Adorama Pix’s prices would be really competitive.

Disclaimer: I received PixPoints from Adorama Pix to facilitate the review. I had redeemed the PixPoints to get the photo book for free. 

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