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I should start by saying that this is not a tutorial on how to move from Blogger to WordPress there are hundreds of tutorials all over the internet, this is simply about my experience.

When I started blogging it was just for passing the time. I never thought about making a profession out of it. Ater 2 years of blogging and working with several smaller brands, promoting their products on social media, I kind of got attached to this line of work. Now I think I am ready to take it more seriously and turn into an income, so I took a step forwards (or you can say a leap), I transferred my blog from the free hosting to WordPress.Org and is hosting it with BlueHost.

4 reasons why I decided to take the leap now.

  1. When I apply for a campaign through marketing websites, I have often seen that clients (i.e. brands and
    sponsors) look for bloggers that have a self-hosted blog ( ex: if you blog has a and in the URL it is not a self-hosted blog).
  2. As I am trying my best to start an earning through my blog, rather than spend the whole day on it and earn nothing I needed a self-host page that would work with various ad companies, rather than only Google Adsense.
  3. One of the most important was that Bluehost had an offer that was too good to pass. I received a 3 year hosting with 1-year domain registration for less than $90. It even gave me spam protection for Free for the 3-year span.
  4. One more reason I went through was their 30 days money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with their service.

So once the decision was made and I went through it, it took only a few minutes to install WordPress but then the hard part started. I had ZERO knowledge about WordPress, I did not even know that they had plugins or widgets that can be customized, to be true except for the name I knew nothing about it. Putting up the blog was a tiresome but knowledge gaining experience for me. I now know how to edit .php files without messing everything up, I now know what plugins for WordPress can do etc, etc.

I did my research on Google on the best way to transfer my pre-existing Blogger blog to the new WordPress site, the best tutorial with detailed step by step instruction and how not to lose my google ranking was at WP Beginner. So when I followed the instructions I was stuck on one place where though most of my pictures were there on the respective blogs, some of the newer blogs did not have the pictures and it took me over 2 hours to figure that it was the case for only about 10 % of the blog and that I had to manually re-attach the pictures.

If you would ask me whether it was worth it to change? Yes, it was especially with the various plugins that WordPress have, so many that I can change the blog as I wish, I could add so many features on it which was not possible with blogger. But then again it took a lot of time for me to learn how to even add a plugin and activate it on my blog, I am still learning something new every day. But I am sure that one day I will learn every nook and cranny of WordPress and all that they have to offer.

There are other Web hosting companies, I have listed a few below, check them out too before you can find what suits your need the best.

WP Engine



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