My Baby Girl!!!


She was jumping right in front of me
When she fell down and hurt her knee.
Then she came running with her hands held high.
All she wanted was a hug and a kiss,
So that we can say her boo-boo bye bye.

She is none other than my baby Girl, who just loves to jump on the bed,
She jumps over me and she jumps on me and she jumps s’more until I’m scared.
She’s into gardening our floor, with toys carefully planted everywhere,
You may step on few and hurt your foot or even find one on every chair.
The day’s work, drain me out and I may not be able to clean,
But I couldn’t care less, as I know these days won’t come back again.

It’s only a matter of time
when she won’t be little anymore.
She won’t come running for her boo-boo’s
She won’t need me to kiss and comfort her
Maybe she will roll her eyes and say
MOM, I am not a kid anymore
But one thing she will never get,
she will be my baby girl forever.

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