8 Paw Patrol Toys Under $50 that every Paw Patrol Fan will love

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My daughter has been binge watching Paw Patrol Cartoon for almost 2 months now and along with her I now have by hearted most of the dialogues those pups use. Sometimes she would come to me and say Mom, Mom I am a pup and would start doing woof-woof, I am like what??? She even does the sound that puppies make when they are sad, so it seems like I may have a baby, but she likes acting like fur babies LOL.

Anyway, her love for Paw Patrol made me search for some affordable Paw Patrol toys out there. The range of toys for Paw Patrol is awesome, but some are pretty high priced while some are pretty decently priced and a fun addition to the bunch of toys my daughter already have. Check the list and see if you find something your Paw Patrol Fan would love. The links will take to either Amazon, Walmart or Target for the lowest price available as of now.

      1. Zoomer Marshal at Walmart for $34.29
      2. Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle at Walmart.com for $34.97
      3. Paw Patrol Paw Patroller at Walmart.com for $34.64
      4. Paw Patrol, Adventure Bay Railway Track Set with Exclusive Vehicle at Walmart.com for $24.97
      5. Paw Patrol- monkey Temple Playset– $44.99 at Target.com (Comes with Tracker, he is very uncommon and not easily available in other playsets)
      6. Paw Patrol Figure and Vehicle sets ranging from $11.99 to $12.99 at Amazon, Walmart and Target  Rider and his ATV, Zuma and his Hovercraft for $11.99 at Amazon, while other are $12.99 at Target.
      7. Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set, Rubble/Rocky/Skye for $12.97 at Walmart.com
      8. 8″ Plushes for $9.99 from Target

I will add more to the list as I keep on finding more cute toys that are approved by my in Home 3-year-old Paw Patrol Fan/ Expert. If you think I missed any, please do leave a message and I will add it to the list.


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