Comfort Bra by Coobie Review

The Coobie Comfort Bra

I hate wearing underwire bra’s they are simply not comfortable enough for me and I have always preferred comfort instead of looks when it comes to clothing, that means softer and comfortable bra’s rather than lacy, uncomfortable with wire ones. Coobie is a brand that works perfect for me, their range has a variety of design to choose from and they fit me perfectly. The Comfort Bra by Coobie has become my favorite to wear at home or when I am going to run an errand, but sadly they do not go on very well with the evening or party dresses.

As the name says it, the Comfort Bra by Coobie is actually comfortable, it stretches to fit my body without making me too uncomfortable that it is hard Pad pocketto breathe. The material is a blend of nylon and spandex, which I would confess are  not my favorite materials, but I was surprised when I received the bra, it is really soft and does not make my skin itch. One of the nice features of the Comfort bra is the wide shoulder straps, they provide a lot of support and at the same time does not cut into my shoulders The Pads from the brawhich most bra’s with thin straps do (one of the major problems of being plus sized). The straps are fixed, which I have no problem with, but some of you may want adjustable straps, Coobie has other bra’s with adjustable straps too, so do check them out too.


The Coobie Comfort bra is more like a workout bra, it is seamless and provides nice support, it is available in a lot of colors and available sizes for the Comfort bra is Small – 30A-34D, Medium – 34A-36D, Large – 38A-42D, Extra Large- 42A-48D/DD (XL is priced for $2 extra than the others). The cup pads are removable and it is advised to
remove them every time you wash it in the washing machine. Maybe due to the material it does not absorb the sweat very well but as it is winter now I am not having much trouble with it either, will see how it makes me feel (due to the lack of sweat absorption) during the hotter months and will let you all know. Oh and one thing that I totally forgot to mention, the bras are tagless, instead, the details are imprinted on the inside of the bra.


For now, I am liking it and I like the fact that it is not too pricey and is really comfortable. You can find more about the Coobie comfort bra on their website

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There will be a giveaway soon, so keep a look out on the blog.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free to try and test in exchange for my review, no other compensations were made. The opinion above is 100% my own.


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