Insta Natural Bath Bombs Review


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When you have a busy preschooler at home it is hard to even get a proper shower let alone a relaxing bath, but when I get the time to actually take a relaxing bath I have been using bath bombs for over a year now. I am hooked to bath bombs, the fizz, the therapeutic aroma, that most of them have helps me relax a lot. I have used a variety of bath bombs and have even made a few at home, recently I used the InstaNatural’s Bath Bombs and I liked them too.

The InstaNatural bath bombs come 6 in a box with 2 bombs each of 3 scents, Relax, Breathe, and Energize. Each of them smells really great and relaxing. The Relax bombs have a nice lavender scent mixed with other essential oils, the Breathe has a minty scent to it, it has oils like peppermint and eucalyptus and lastly the energize bombs has a little citrusy scent to it. With each and every bath bomb my bathroom fills with relaxing and soothing aroma and they do fizz a lot too. After taking the bath the bombs do not leave any residue on my skin and my skin feels pretty hydrated and smooth.


The InstaNatural Bath bombs come in a nice box that makes it perfect for gifting too, the price is also not too high for 6 Bath Bombs, if you check other bath bombs in a few retail store they cost about the same. One thing that forgot to mention is that the bombs do crumb a little so when opening from their wrapping make sure you are holding it over the tub.Overall I am impressed and would surely recommend to give it a try.

Overall I am impressed and would surely recommend to give it a try.

The Insta Natural Bath bombs are available at Amazon and on their website.

Disclaimer: I received the product free of cost to try in exchange for my review, the opinion about it is 100% my own.

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