Like flavored Coffees? How about Red Velvet.

I love coffee and specially flavored varieties are something I love trying (except a few like). Recently, I got to try the Brooklyn Bean Roastery, Red Velvet, the coffee came in Single serve cups meant for Keurig and had 40-count single cups. Brooklyn Bean Roastery also have some exciting flavors of coffees but their limited Holiday flavors include Red Velvet cake and Gingerbread Man cookie flavors.  The Red Velvet coffee beans are 100% Arabica Coffee beans and are roasted in small batches.

While I love Red Velvet cakes I did not like the coffee that much, the main reason being the coffee has a very mild flavor and if you add creamer or milk the flavor further diminishes. I brewed the coffee at the 8 Oz setting and drank it black, I was rather surprised that while brewing I could not smell the coffee much. Which honestly is one of the best parts of drinking coffee, the scent that comes out while brewing coffee entices me to drink the coffee. Now when it was time to taste the coffee with the first sip I noticed a little caramel kind of flavor in it, as Red Velvet cakes are a variety of chocolate cakes, I really thought I would get a little chocolatey flavor in it too, but it was completely missing.

The only thing that I liked about the coffee is the amount of caffeine it had, I drank the coffee in the evening and it worked like my regular coffee and gave me the energy to continue for the rest of the day. So far my favorite coffee from Brooklyn Roastery is the Breakfast blend it is rich in flavors and tastes good too (You can read my review for the Breakfast blend coffee here).

If you want to try out the coffee for yourself you can buy it from Amazon.

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