Re-Growing Lettuce from stump as a fun science project

The last week has been a haze with me and my daughter both sick and stuck inside. The little one gets crazy when she is stuck inside for any longer than a day and it has been over a week now. Toys, TV’s, colors nothings seems to keep her entertained for any longer than half an hour at a stretch. It was time to find new things to keep her mind busy.

Rishika may be only 3 but when we talk to her about things like nature, starts, day and night, or even maths, I like how she starts thinking about those and implies them at a time and come running to us and repeat what she did. At her previous preschool whenever the teachers would ask her what she wanted to be she would always reply with “I want to be a Scientist”, and I am sure she does not even know what that is, but she is kind of determined to be one. Her teachers would always tell me that you should be proud of her she is a really smart, oh well I am proud of her.

Anyway, last Wednesday while I was making a salad for our lunch I had 2 Romaine Lettuce ends to discard when suddenly I remembered a video I watched a few months back about how to reuse kitchen discards. I thought it would be a fun experiment to do with my daughter and she can keep a check on the growing plant without having to go outside. It is really very simple to do and fun to watch as it grows.

All you need is a glass filled with a little bit of water, the end stump of lettuce that we generally discard and time.  It did not take a long while to start seeing new leaves sprouting out of the stump, to be exact I could see new leaves on day 3 and in a week it was almost 6 inches long. Now I am not sure how well these will taste, as they are growing only in water (the process is called hydroponics) and I have not added any kind of nutrients to the water, but it sure is a fun science project for kids and during the winter when you cannot grow much outside it is really nice to see something green growing indoors. I only need to keep the water refilled and not let the stump dry out and so far it keeps on growing strong.

In about 3-4 weeks the lettuce leaves will be long enough to be eaten if we ultimately decide to eat them I would surely let you all know how it turned out. Till then you can go and try it out with the kids and have fun.

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