Scrape-A-Round Ice Scrapper

We moved to Central New Jersey from Southern California and honestly I like that it rains here and the weather though sometimes too cold I still like it, except on days when it snows and the next day it rains and everything turns icy.

So far we got only 1 day of snow and that was at night and the next day it rained, clearing loose snow from the car is one thing but ice becomes a whole different story, thankfully I had my Scrape-A-Round Ice scrapper with me in the car. Cleaning ice of the windshield and the side windows was easy and did not take me long to complete. The Scrape-A-Round is a simple device that looks like a cup to remove ice from the glass and is simply made with plastic. The Scrape-A-Round set came with 3 cups, 2 of the same size and 1 smaller, all the cup are 2 parts, all of the back portions are detachable. The 2 bigger cups have pointy (not sharp) things on the back which help to remove ice that has hardened and seems a little difficult to remove. The big cups have 18″ of cleaning surface which is why it took me almost half the time it would take me to clean with my regular brush.

When I removed ice from my windshield and the windows it was so easy to do, I just used the wide side of the large cups to clean the major part of the glasses and used the little cup on the smaller cup to get to the corners. I had fun too using the Scrape-A-Round.

I made the following video while cleaning the ice off

You can also check the following video by Galen Merrell to see how Scrape-A-Round works

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Disclaimer: I received the product for free to test it out and give my review. The opinion stated above is 100% my own.

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