Remington Facial Cleansing brush

Most people clean their face manually, I would be honest and say that I also never thought about using a brush to clean my face. I felt they were an unnecessary expense but boy I was so wrong. Recently I got a chance to try out the Remintgon Facial cleansing brush and I loved it. I have been using it for 5 days and I feel my skin is much cleaner and smoother, the most difference I noticed in on my nose. I had tiny whiteheads on my nose and during winter the side of my nose gets very dry and I can see some dry skin peeling from there. Since I started using the facial brush I have noticed less amount of whiteheads and the dry skin does not peel or show.

The brush has a very stylish handle in purple and white, with only a tiny button that turns the brush on and off and controls the speed too. I was really glad that it is rechargeable and the brush sits on top the charger pad which makes it easier to store the brush on the counters too. The brush came with only 1  head, I really hoped there was an extra head in the pack, it also came with a storage/ carry bag.

I am using the brush at the lowest speed and utilize very little pressure otherwise the brush irritates my skins, I have also tried the highest speed especially on my nose to clean the whiteheads and did not have any problem. It can be used in the shower which is great, I do not have to worry about getting the brush wet and destroy the electronic parts. I use the brush with my regular face wash and it creates more foam that I was ever able to make with my hands. One feature that I liked about the brush is that it not only rotates but also vibrates which is very light but it helps exfoliate the skin better. Overall I am impressed with the product and would surely recommend it.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free to test and keep it in exchange for my review, I did not receive any other compensation. The above opinion is 100% my own and is not biased in any way.


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