Stainless Steel Hook rack by Cave Tools Review

Hook Racks are very useful throughout the home, whether it is in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the bedroom or outdoors on the patio. I have plastic hook rack in the bathroom and 1 on the back of the bedroom door, I was looking for a stronger one for the kitchen tools plastic ones break too quickly if I hang something heavy.   

Recently I got a stainless steel hook rack from Cave Tooks and so far I am liking the hook rack. The rack has 5 hooks, made of stainless steel and comes with all the hardware required. It also came with an interchangeable head screwdriver which honestly looks as nice as the hook rack. Though I was looking forward to hanging the hook rack in the kitchen I finally hung it in my foyer to hang jackets umbrellas and maybe even keys. I did like the fact that the rack came with tiny covers that cover the screw tops and gives the hook rack a nicer look. Though it came with the screwdriver, I still needed the drill to punch holes where I can put the plastic screw anchor in. Once the anchors were in it took only 1 minute to put the hook rack in place.  

The base of the rack does have a tendency to get finger prints on it and looks smudgy which sometimes do bother me, but when coats are hanging I can’t see the smudges. I like to pretend that if you can’t see it it is not there. Overall I am satisfied with the product and would surely recommend it. 

Find them at or at Amazon.

If you decide to buy the rack, you can use the code HOOKRACK15  at Amazon to get 15% off your order too.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The above opinion is 100% my own.

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