Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Hand soap and Lotion review

My hands used to be very soft but as I am growing older they are drying out and became a lot rougher than before. If I do not apply any cream/ lotion on my hands at night they get so dry that the skin on my palms has a pulling sensation and I have to get up from bed to apply something to stop the irritating sensation.

This is the 1st time that I have used any Mrs. Meyers product and one thing for sure is that they do smell lovely. I got 2 products to try the Clean Day Basil Hand soap and Lotion, as for the hand soap goes, it does not foam a lot and washes off quickly, but my hands feel clean so I have no issues with it. At first, the liquid soap came out a little too liquidy but after a few more pumps the soap did not feel as liquid as before and I love that my hands smell really nice for a long time after washing the hands. Also, the bathroom has a lingering smell from the hand soap when used which I really like.

And for my dry hands, Mrs. Meyer’s Hand lotion is okay, but reapplication throughout the day is needed. As with the hand soap, this too smells awesome, the scent is soothing and perfect to calm the nerves especially if used at night before going to bed.
I liked that the product is not too sticky and spreads on very well on the skin, it also absorbs easily. But I really wished it would keep my hands moisturized a little longer. I cannot tell how quickly my hands are drying out during the night time but when I wake up in the morning my hands are not very soft like I would expect it to be after applying a lotion at night. During the daytime, I have to reapply the lotion every few hours.

My recommendation would be to use the product before going to bed and if possible use two full pumps and take the time to massage the cream into the skin so that the hands keep hydrated for a longer time.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The above opinion is 100% my own.

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