Ozeri’s Serafino Double wall Thermo Glass Review

I was looking for a double walled glasses especially to use in summer so that I can use them for cold drinks without having to handle with the
 dripping sides and water rings on the table. Also, the sweaty body of the glasses makes it harder to keep a hold on the glass if they are big and full and chances of mishap increases.
When I got these Ozeri Serafino glasses I was happy, first because of the design and second because they are very light weight. The glasses have a slight curve which helps me to keep a hold on to it nicely (I have smaller hands compared to my husband, who does not have issues with bigger glasses). As with double walled glasses when I pour a cold or hot drink in the glass I did not feel the heat/ cold on my hand which was great and the best thing was there were no water marks left on the table from the sweating glass.

As I said before the glasses are lightweight which is great for handling while drinking from it, but I get worried while washing them, as I have a perception that light weight glasses break quickly. So far I have used the glass couple of times and hand washed them, I did not put them in the dishwasher yet. I just hope that they have a great longevity and I can keep using these cute glasses.


These glasses are available at Walmart (Affiliate link) and at Amazon.  
Disclaimer: I received a pair of glass for free to try and have been using them for a couple week and like them so far. The above review is unbiased and I did not receive any monetary compensation for it.

** Picture Source: Ozeri

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