Zany Zoo by EZ-Toy is fun and Educational

I love getting educational toys for Rishika and she never complains, whether they are geographical puzzles, mathematical puzzles or something as simple as teaching her to better her ee-hand coordination, she loves having educational toys too. Rishika does love building with blocks and legos so a week back we got the EZ-Toy Zany Zoo (EZT 2000 Model) set for her and she has been playing with them every day.

The Zany Zoo set consists of pieces of different size tubes and wheels which are used as connectors, this set also has foam pieces that are used as feathers for different animals that the set can make. We have made all the designs that the instructions have and I personally loved the peacock. One thing I would like to mention her is that the instructions could have been a little better, especially for kids it could be a little difficult making out what the instructions are saying to do. Also, some of the designs do not make much sense either, but I would be honest here, the toys do help with imagination a lot, Rishika is creating things out of her own and naming them and I applaud her for her imaginations, she has made drumsticks, dogs and what not.

The set does come with small pieces for connections so be sure that kids younger than 3 are not playing with these. The quality of the products is really good, though made with hard plastic they do not look cheap material. With so many small pieces in the set, I really like that the box in which the toy came in can be used as a storage and has a handle to carry around. Overall a satisfactory toy and great for kids who love building stuff.

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Disclaimer: I received the product for free for testing it out in exchange for my review. All opinion stated above is 100% my own.

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