Barbecue Skewers by Cave Tools

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Summer is here and so is the time to enjoy backyard barbecue parties with family and friends. I love hosting parties during summer, as kids can have a lot of fun with the water squirter guns, water slides, basically anything to do with water will keep the kids busy and the adults can have some time to talk and enjoy a little bit too as kids don’t keep on nagging continuously saying I am bored.

Ready to grill

When we barbecue, we grill mostly chicken and vegetable as our friends and us, we do not eat beef and pork so it is safe to go with grilled chicken.  One of the essential tools for barbecuing chicken is skewers and you need a lot of them when grilling for a party. I hate using the bamboo ones as I have found myself forgetting to soak the sticks and then either have to wait for another 20 minutes while the coals are burning or have to go ahead without the skewers. I have switched from bamboo skewers to metals ones a while back and keep on adding various sizes of skewers to my collection.

My recent addition is the set of 10 Shish Kabob barbecue skewers by Cave Tool and I really liked it, one of the best thing about the skewers is that I do not have to put oil on the skewers before sticking the chicken on it and the meat did not get stuck at all when it was done. Also, it was really easy to clean them up, I just put them in the dishwasher in the cutlery basket. One thing though when using the skewers please be careful that though there is a handle at the end which can be used to rotate the skewers they get very hot so do take precautions while touching the end tabs over the grill. The skewers are made of high-quality stainless steel so I do not have to worry about rust or durability.

Ready to be served

Overall it is a nice set to have when grilling and as they come as a set of 10 you can cook a lot at one time, so they are perfect if you are hosting a barbecue party this summer.

You can find these amazing Shish kabob skewers at Amazon as well as the CaveTools Website.

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Disclaimer: I received the product for free to test and try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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