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I know, if you are planning to buy a car, it can be a very daunting task. Often times we spend a lot of time searching for the perfect car, bouncing from dealership to dealership, only to settle for something we are not always 100% in love with. When we got our very first car, the most we could afford was a second-hand one. So in efforts to save some money, we did not want to go through any dealers. We got a car through the most popular classified advertisements website, but sadly we were deceived. After using the car as much as we could and saving up for another year or so we planned to buy another car and we decided to go and get it from a dealership this time. But even then it felt more like car-hopping than car-shopping as we hopped between dealerships. After 2 weeks of tiring effort when we could not finalize on the car within our affordable limits, for the first time, we switched to



Nowadays, is a website that I personally visit whenever I want to do a research about cars, I also recommend it to my friends. Now we have 2 cars and both were found through, not only did we find the cars we also got a great price. So how does it work? It is very simple- you visit the website, put in your requirement, i.e. the make, model, price range etc of the car you are looking for and also your zip code and will find you all available cars near you.

Depending on your requirement you can filter the search by New, Used or Certified cars, will give you a list of cars with price and dealership details who have the cars. While we were searching for our cars I have noticed that have some exclusive cars on their website, which none of their competitor websites had, and that is how I found our Certified Nissan Altima in 2015.

So many of you may think, why waste your time looking for a car where you have to ultimately go to the dealers to get it? The first reason is information. I will agree, I do not know much about cars and if you are not knowledgeable about the car you are looking for, it easy to get fooled. Salespersons in the dealerships have a very keen eye in differentiating the buyers who are well informed and who are not. If you are well informed it would be hard for them to make up stuff about the car in order to sell it. The second reason is that you get to compare availabilities in your locale even before going to the showroom. If you are looking for used or certified cars, you can find all details about them right there on your computer/ phone screen without having to visit all the showrooms nearby. You can find details like mileage, price, condition, etc and then call the dealership to see what is the best price they can give you for the car.  Using the price comparison tool on their website can also find you a great deal.

So before going to a showroom to buy a car make sure to check out, get yourself informed about the car you want, I am sure you will have the upper hand at the dealership and can bargain the price accordingly. I am saying this from my personal experience that YES, you can bargain a car’s price, though applicable for used and Certifed cars only (I am not sure about new ones though). So this is how it went for us, after finding a better price for the Nissan Altima Certified car at another dealership (which was approximately 35 miles far from my location) I was able to bargain with my nearest dealer the price on a similar model and similar mileage Nissan Altima, in fact, they had the car in my preferred color choice. The nearest dealer was asking 3K more and ultimately agreed on the lower price and I truly thank for saving me the extra 3K.

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