Busy Beauty Showless Shaving Gel review

You are about to go out wearing your favorite shorts or that knee lengthed dress and then you notice that your legs have a stubble or in a desperate need of a shave? Did that ever happen to anyone? (secretly hoping I am not the only one in to have that kind of situations).

I absolutely hate when that happens to me (and that happens quite often, what can I say I am a little lazy on the shaving my legs every day). Changing the clothes, to go back into the bathroom is a big ordeal so mostly I change my dress to cover up the legs and wondered, is there something that can be used, other than the shaving creams to get a faster shave. That also does not require me to go into the shower and use water and be messy? And recently I came across Busy Beauty’s shower less Shaving gel.

The Busy Beauty Showless gel is a life saver during those situations, you can just get a shave and not have to get wet and messy just to get a close shave. The gel comes in a cute and chic pump bottle and contains 100ml (3.4 fl oz) of clear gel. Now as you can understand that you do not need water to use the gel, but does it actually work? While using the product I found some positives and some negatives point about this shower less shave gel. Let’s get to point by starting with all the positive side of the gel.

The gel itself does not have any kind of smell to it, so for everyone who likes their product to be fragrance-free, they will like it. The gel was easy to apply and did not irritate my skin at all. Also, it was easier to clean up after the shaving was done, compared to regular shaving gels. I did get a nice and smooth shave without cutting myself (hoorah for that).

Now I would like to mention some points though not exactly negative. This is the only thing that if corrected will make the product even better. My only issue is that the gel gets dry very quickly, I had to apply the gel in patches, unlike regular gels which can be applied all together, but with this gel, I had to apply and shave in patches otherwise the gel get dry and I had to reapply.

One last thing to note is that though the product says waterless you will need water to keep the razor blades clean after each section, so it is not exactly waterless shaving.

Overall while using Busy Beauty’s shower less gel I did get a nice shave but I would preferably use it only when I am in a hurry and can’t get my legs wet to get a shave.

check out busy-beauty.com for more details.

Disclaimer: I received a sample product to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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