July is the National Ice cream month, did you enjoy an ice cream yet?

It is the middle of summer and kids are going crazy without school and keeping them entertained it really hard. Every toy my daughter own keeps her occupied for only 5 minutes tops. I have noticed that Rishika either wants to watch TV or play with her friends outside, I prefer it when she does the later. But most days outside is too hot for them to play, so at least 2 times a week she has her friend over for a playtime. I always have something in my refrigerator or pantry so that I can give them to eat something while they play; they both are energetic almost 4 yrs olds and gets hungry from jumping around all the time.

Last week I was shopping and I asked her what she wanted to have for her play time, she asked for either ice cream or cake, as that’s her best friends favorite (and hers too). I looked around a while and then it struck me that July is National Ice cream month and I had a coupon so why not get an ice cream cake. While checking the ice cream isle, I saw the Carvel Ice-cream cake which looked really tempting so I got that. So when her friend came over I gave both of them a slice and within a few minutes, they were done. Honestly, I never saw Rishika’s friend finishing anything I give her to eat.

The flavor I got was the birthday cake flavor with rainbow sprinkles on a white and blue icing. The cake has chocolate and vanilla flavor and s a crunchy cake layer in between the two flavors, I loved the crunchy cake, it is really yummy. I am glad that I gave the Carvel ice cream cake a try as everyone in my family loved it and so did my daughter’s friend. I will surely be getting it again. 

One thing I wish though is that Stop and Shop had other flavors also to choose from, they only had the birthday flavor with Happy Birthday written over it, at the store. Also, may be they should take care when loading them in the freezer, as one side of the cake lost its frosting on the package.

Did you try out Carvel’s Ice Cream Cake yet? Which flavor did you try? Let me know in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary coupon to try out the Carvel Ice cream cake. The opinion stated above is 100% my own.

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