Squishy Mat’s Changing mat

We always want best for our babies and Babies have soft skin and to match their softness you can get Squishy mats, they are perfect for changing mats or play mats. I loved the Squishy mats, the one I got to try was the mini, changing mat, perfect for travels and even at home. The mat is made with soft memory foam with even softer micro flannel fabric, the mat has a non-slip rubber backing, so it stays put even with a squirmy baby on it. The mat can be folded with a handle which makes it really easy to carry around.

One of our family friends just had a baby boy and I gave her the mat, she and her baby both love it. According to her, she uses it for changing the baby as well as for tummy time and the baby loves it. I would say that the mat is perfect for long car trips and when my daughter was little on car trips I would change her in the car rather than taking her to public restrooms, so if any mom is like me who prefers changing the baby in the car rather than in the bathroom will have a perfect use the Squishy mats.

The mats come in 3 sizes and the larger ones can be used for play time and even outdoors when you take kids to the park for an outing. The kids can sit on the ground longer without their bottom hurting as the mat is made of memory foam with tiny bumps on the back that keep the mat a little raised. I would surely recommend the Squishy mats and if I have another kid I will surely get one.

Check out Squishy Mat’s website for more info.


Disclaimer: I received a free product to facilitate my review, all the opinion above is my own.



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