Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & Top Coat

Do you like to paint your nails? I am sure most of you will say yes to that, right?

I love wearing nail polish, but I hardly get time to do my nails, and if I get enough time to paint them, I hardly get enough time to dry them completely. I am lucky enough to dry the nails completely, being a stay-at-home mom running around the kid and doing all the house chores, it is hard to keep polish on the nails for even a day without it beginning to chip.

Generally, most nail polishes that I have tried before started to chip within a few hours but with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & Top Coat, it is staying put even on day 3. While the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & Top Coat did not chip like regular nail polishes it took a very long time to completely dry. At first, I did not understand that it was not completely hard and started working in the kitchen and later saw that some of the nail polish had an impression on it. After removing the polish and reapplying it I waited a long while to apply the top coat and after that, it has not chipped at all. I found it a little harder than regular nail polish to remove it from nails with nail polish remover. Unlike regular nail polishes, it took me quite a while to clean each nail. I soaked cotton balls and wrapped the nails for a minute and then cleaned the nails which made it a little easier.

I received the set as a sample to try and test in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

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