Holidays are the best time to be a kid

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and with the holiday season upon us, not only kids but most adults are excited too. When I say most, its because there is always a few Grinch among us that kills the holiday spirit. But kids are the ones who truly enjoy this season, they do not have to worry about the other silly things. Whether it is things like paying bills, wrapping tons and tons of presents breaking our back or in simple words they don’t have to do adulting. 

Kids are the ones who truly enjoy the holidays with their full heart. Which is why I would again say Holidays are the best time to be a kid. Since the holiday season has begun I see my daughter getting excited about her wishlist for Santa, she becomes so excited whenever there is a toy commercial on the TV and she asks me to write it down for her on her list. It is wonderful to see how a 4-year-old can have such a big list and not worry from where they are going to come from. For her, it is coming from Santa and that innocent belief is what makes the kids enjoy the season. Making wishlists, helping to decorate the home, helping with baking and lot and lots of family time is what makes the holidays special. 

Along the list that she gave me (I do not want to tell her but Santa is only going to give her 1 big present and other smaller things), I have added some warm clothes for her. Staying warm and cozy is important when the mercury drops outside and kids are prone to getting ill. For us, it has become a tradition since my daughter was born to buy warm clothing and cozy pajamas for her every year before Christmas from Gymboree. She is growing up like crazy and I am happy that I can still find her sizes in Gymboree as I honestly love the cute designs of the girls’ clothing they have. Be sure to check out the cute Gymboree Holiday Girl Collection, they have shirts like the cute owl shirt or the nice and warm cardigan that my daughter loves to wear. I got both of these for my daughter along with other cute and cozy PJ’s.

I have already done my shopping from Gymboree and I hope to be able to do so for a few more years to come.

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