Is it too hard to turn on the signals?

Is it too hard to turn on the signals?

I cannot help but write this blog post about a habit that most drivers here in California have. I have not driven a car in any other state so I won’t comment about the other states, but here in California drivers have a very bad habit of not turning their turn signals. I sometimes wonder whether not turning on the signal is cool or what? […]

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“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

Even since I have passed out of college with my Bachelor’s  degree, I have been planning to do my Masters, but things came along the way and I was never able to do it.First, it was my job, then marriage and moving to the States. Then, though I had time on my hand I was not financially able to do my Master’s. After that one […]

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Trying my best to be tough

“Tough times never last, but tough people do”~Dr. Robert Schuller Not everyone is born tough, those who are born tough are lucky, they can face every situation thrown at them without any problem. For the rest of us who are not so lucky, life experiences make us tough. There are so many people out there who faces difficult situations every day, far worse than we do, […]

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The Fun of parenthood

Books taught me a lot of things, it even helped me get a degree, but life experiences of being a mom taught me more. It is teaching me new things every day, it even taught me that I can love someone more than I ever knew was possible. The most important thing though that being a mom taught me, is how to be patient. If […]

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Apartment living is not for me.

Who does not love having a backyard? Backyards are a place where we can watch our kids play and have fun, making some awesome memories while playing. Or maybe we can have a BBQ party with family and friends and not lug everything to the nearest park where we can have a BBQ where I can invite at least a few guests. Living in an […]

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What to do when the humidifier breaks

My husband suffers from Post Nasal drip syndrome and during the dry weather of winter things gets so much worse that even a day without the humidifier is hard for him to sleep at night. And sadly both the humidifiers I had broken in a short span of each other, leading him to have sleepless nights.For the 2 days we did not have a humidifier, well […]

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The Sun and the Beaches…

Living in California has its disadvantages, busy roads; sometimes the speed on freeways goes down to single digit. It almost never rains here and the weather is very dry, and above all that it is very costly. BUT we are already enjoying the sun on the lovely beaches that reside here in Southern California. Yes I miss the snow in winter especially around Christmas but […]

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Happy Holi To everyone back home

Tomorrow all of India will celebrate Holi, a festival of color celebrated by Hindu’s. The night before Holi we had bonfire, sang and danced and next morning it was time to play with colors. I loved playing Holi with my family and friends when I used to live in India. I miss the festival so much, it used to fabulous, playing with colors and chasing […]

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A little decor goes a long way

At our home we have plain floor lamps, nothing fancy. I have never thought about decorating the lamps in any way but it looked like I have planted a black stick. Any way just before Valentine’s Day, I went to the Dollar store to get some things and saw this cute teddy bears and plush roses. I could not resist buying some. After returning home […]

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Happy Anniversary to US!!!!

When I was in high school I had many friends, some were only friends whereas few were my besties. Then I went to college and kind of lost my contact with everyone, not everyone had cellphone then, neither there was facebook to keep us connected. After college was over, I started my job as an Instrumentation Engineer within a month, too much work pressure left […]

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