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There is one common thing for all businesses and that is customers; no matter what kind of business you do, you will always have customers. And in today’s world, customer loyalty depends a lot on how happy they are with the service provided to them. Services include the product itself, the quality and usefulness of the product and also customer service.

Any business that can provide a better experience to their customers will not only be able to make a sale, they will also be able to retain their customers. And in the long run, will gain more customers through advocacy.

Advocacy is when a satisfied customer will talk about the company and their product to their friends and family or by providing reviews about their experience. As customers, we love to talk about our experience with a product or company/ brand.  Whether it is a positive experience or a negative one we like to let everyone know how we feel. Businesses have an immense opportunity here, if they can have one satisfied customer, the word of mouth marketing done by that customer can lead to a huge opportunity for potential leads that can be turned into other satisfied customers.

Some businesses miss out on this opportunity as they are more keen on selling their products first. With that kind of ideology only results on initial sells, there is no customer retention and in turn, increases the churn percentage.

Let’s take an example of a service-based business that provides a monthly service to their clients/ customers. As a customer, we won’t go back availing their service month after month, unless they are good at their service and solves our problem, right?

Like service-based businesses, SaaS businesses need to provide more than a mere software to their customers, they need to provide after-sale services as well so that customers come back to them and use their power of word of mouth marketing too. Saas Business rely on a lot of tools and services to keep up with their customer growth and satisfaction, but a Customer Growth Platform like UserIQ is really helpful as it provides a one-stop solution for everything related to customer growth.

UserIQ is a business solution that provides various tools for SaaS businesses like product usage analyticsguided tour software, etc which helps them.

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