Easy ways to keep the kitchen clean

I am the last person on earth who would say I love cleaning, it is rather the opposite, so whenever I clean I find the easy way out. My kitchen is one of the places in the whole house that get really dirty really quick. I like to cook a lot and I do use oil, and India cooking asks for oil in almost everything. My kitchen cabinets, range top micro oven, and the counters tend to get sticky very quickly and I have to clean them weekly so that the grease does not get super sticky, but for the cabinets, I tend to let them be for a month (or sometimes more) between cleaning.

My best cleaning ingredients are vinegar and baking soda, generally, I use them to clean almost everything around my home, they are non-toxic and I can use them without worrying about the fumes. While I do use vinegar and baking soda a lot some mess just need the industrial strength of chemicals. Like when I clean my range top grills and drip pans, I have to use Ammonia to get the stuck and baked in grease from them as nothing else works. You can read about how I use Ammonia on the grates here. Ammonia makes the cleaning easier and I do not have to scrub on for hours.

Whenever I am cleaning the kitchen the 1st thing that I clean are the dishes, once the sink is empty I clean the skin otherwise it just feels incomplete. So again I use baking soda and vinegar there and scrub a little with a brush, this helps with the stink from the garbage disposal as well. The vinegar and soda leave the stainless steel sink pretty shiny.

Next, I sweep the floors, I have a broom with a dustpan with long handles where I can pick up the mess standing. I hate to take out the vacuum just for cleaning the kitchen. I actually sweep the kitchen floor twice a day, it creates an illusion (at least for me) that the kitchen floor is much cleaner.  Once a week I use a steam mop to wipe the floors of the kitchen.

Then I clean the countertops, I remove everything from the countertops(my countertops are granite) and used regular dishwashing soap, with water, and wiped them with a sponge. If something is stuck on the counters, I kept the area wet for a while and then wiped again. Granites clean pretty easily so it is really very less effort on my part. Once a year I use a granite sealer to protect the countertops from etches and stains though.

Finally comes the part that I hate the most, cleaning the kitchen cabinets. I have tried baking soda and vinegar to clean them but I did not get a satisfactory result so I asked around and a lady from our community said that her cleaning lady uses Goo Gone on the cabinets and on the exhaust fan filters and she likes the results and I had to try it out myself. I got a bottle of Goo Gone from Home Depot and I sprayed it all over the sticky and messy cabinet that is directly above my range. I let it sit for a while and scrubbed it off with a cloth and was really happy to see the result. It worked much better than my regular vinegar and baking soda. All the sticky grease was completely gone and after cleaning off with the cloth, I used soap and water to remove any excess chemicals and it worked like a charm. Since I started using Goo Gone I only clean have to clean my cabinets in 2 or 3 months. Or if you want you can just book a cleaning service and get your house cleaned while you sip on a glass of wine.

Once a year I book a cleaning service to get my whole house deep cleaned. I find this article from CleanOCrats very helpful while deciding on a cleaning service. The CleanOCrats website is very helpful to get your questions answered for cleaning services or cleaning in general.

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