Self-Acceptance is hard to come

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I generally do not like to talk much about my body or health and have never even considered writing about it on my blog. The reason behind the hesitation was because I was never comfortable with my body. Since I hit puberty I have gained a lot of weight and irregular menstruation only added to the weight problem and I hated my body. At age 22 I was diagnosed with PCOS and everything I tried from dieting to exercise did not help me to lose weight, but thankfully with help from my Gynecologist and regular checkups, I was lucky to conceive and have a beautiful daughter.

I am in my early 30’s now and I am still overweight but thankfully my PCOS is not as bad as before, but being overweight I am still conscious of my body type and size. Now being heavy means my breasts are also heavy and sometimes it is such a bother, they are the reason for so many upper back aches, especially after a day of cleaning which required continuous bending, under breast rashes and the bra straps that almost cause blood flow to stop on my shoulder. I guess anyone who has heavy breasts will understand what I am talking about.

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook page and a friend has shared a post from “The Try Guys”, they are a group of 4 men who tries on various things for a day and give their opinion, their videos are pretty funny**. On that particular video, they were trying on weights as breasts to see how it affected their everyday work. A lady in that video talked about breast reduction as she was continuously having back issues which was the reason I was Googling the process when I can across the Bellesoma Method.

The Bellesoma Method is a breakthrough in Breast Lift and Breast Reduction surgery. They combine the Bellesoma 3D pre-operative scanning software and revolutionary surgical technique so that patients can achieve amazing results. With these techniques, there are no vertical scars and patients can get relief from back, neck, & shoulder pain.
While I have not yet planned on doing the reduction surgery, but I like to know all available options, until then it is about time I start doing some more exercise and try to lose some weight which I know from experience won’t happen, but I cannot leave hope.
Bellesoma Method is currently running a $1000 scholarship program where someone who is eligible can apply for the scholarship money by writing an essay and 1 winner will be selected in November 2018 and will be contacted in December 2018. To find out more about the eligibility and other details regarding the scholarship check out the Bellesoma Method Scholarship page. Or you can also follow the Bellesoma Method Facebook page to keep updated on the scholarship or their technique.

**Please be adviced that if you look up The Try Guys Facebook page, it is adult oriented

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