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It has been over a year that we moved into our rented condo and it looks so boring sometimes and I cannot do any major home improvements to in the house according to our lease. We have to live here and I was looking for ways to make the rooms a little more cheerful or add some colors to them. I was looking for some ideas and ultimately decided to start by adding some colorful flowers for now. Who doesn’t love flowers right? Flowers add beauty and elegance to even the mundane looking house. If flowers were not so expensive I would have got a bunch for my home every week. But a bunch from the grocery store is at least $20, which will add up quickly and put a dent n my budget. 

I had somehow put my mind towards adding flowers but fresh flowers were out of the question. The other alternative of adding fresh flowers were to add faux flowers and arrange them into a vase, but I am never satisfied with the quality of the faux flower I saw at Walmart and other local stores. So I asked around a bit and even checked online which is when I found out about Silk Plant Direct. I checked the website out and after reading some reviews I wanted to give them a try, so after spending almost an hour on their website deciding on which arrangement to pick I settled for a Peony and Orchid arrangement. Personally, I love Orchids they look so delicate but at the same time very elegant. 

The peony and orchid arrangement from Slik Plant Direct came already arranged in a decorative glass vase. The arrangement features different sized and styled blooms, there are 3 full bloom peony, 3 buds and 2 stems of beautiful orchids. The stems of the flowers are stuck in the vase using a gel-like substance that looks like water from outside. The quality of the flowers and the stems are definite 100 times better than those I have seen in the store. When ordering I was a little worried about the glass vase but it came in one piece. Their shipping department did a good job in wrapping the vase is big and thick bubble wrap. When I first opened the box I did have to separate the petals of the peonies a little as they were stuck together from the shipping process.

They are looking very adorable on my fireplace mantel and I am considering to buy some more stuff from Silk Plant Direct for the outdoor space as well. 

Product Specification

Size 21.5″ x 19″ x 16″
Color Red Red and White
Variety Orchid, Peony
Shape Arrangement Potted Container
Style Decorative Glass

This lovely arrange is available to buy at Silk Plants Direct website, do check their website out as they have various indoor and outdoor arrangements to choose from.

Disclaimer: I received a sample flower arrangement from Silk Plant Direct. The opinion above is 100% my own.

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