Virtual Reality is changing how we see Real Estate

We all know that Virtual Reality has a big presence in gaming and entertainment industry, but did you know that VR is the slowing making it’s way into the Real Estate industry as well? Today’s young generations whether they are the millennials or generation z, are comfortable using any technology or gadgets, most of us prefer using them to our advantage. I still remember the 1st time I used a VR headset, it was a Google cardboard sometime late in 2014 and I was amazed by the technology. VR headsets have come a long way since then, now they are much modified and you can play games, control volume, have your hands free, and best of all is the tracking features.

I once had a chance to use play a VR game on PS4 and I cannot say in words how much I loved it, it does truly take you to a virtual world. Personally, I believe VR has a lot of potential and scope to grow other than gaming and entertainment and one of the examples of is VR being used in the Real Estate industry. When we make a decision to buy a house or even to rent one, it is uncommon to just move in without looking into various options. But the process of house hunting becomes a daunting task when you have to look into 10 houses or more before making a decision and not to forget the wastage of time and money driving from one place to the other.

Think about what happens when you are about to move from one state to another halfway across the country? You spend a long time in a hotel while searching for a house, or stay with a family if someone lives there, I think most of us hate doing that. An easier solution to house searching for this kind of cases would come though VR technology. Some real estate agents now use VR technologies to show their properties and for families like us, this is a great opportunity. I say families like us because my husband has a transferable job and we have moved 5 states in 7 years.

Some of the benefits I think that VR in Real Estate has:

  • We/ Clients can tour the developments from anywhere in the world.
  • We can save time and money by not having to drive from property to property and agents/ developers does not need to build model homes anymore.
  • Developers/ Architects can build unlimited variations of models for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time required to build typical model homes/showrooms.
  • If an upgrade is required by the client it can be done in real time by showing them how it will look in the Virtual room.

As a customer and someone who is currently in the market to buy a house would surely love using this technology. Render 3D Quick is a company that works with architects, developers, builders, contractors, real estate professionals, and interior designers to provides VR services. You can check them out and have a VR real estate tour or if you work in any of the profession mentioned above check their architecture mockup if you would love to use their service.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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