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Today I thought about writing something different than what I generally do. So here I am writing about how working with various brands and PR agencies works or have worked for me.

When I started blogging I was unknown to the blogging world I still may not be known to everyone, I did not have a viewer/ reader base either. Whenever I posted something I would post on my social media and nag my friends to read them. Since I started my blog and now I have worked with numerous brands by providing reviews on their products or services, promoting them over social media and gaining the confidence of my readers by providing authentic reviews.

Among tons of questions, I get from my friends, who are not from the blogging world are, why do I care to post reviews on products I have tried? or do I get paid? if I do how much, and the questions never end.

The answers to these questions are simple, I started my blog to take my mind off the boredness of staying home all day long and the only thing that I had to share with the world was my opinion on products. After almost 1 year I started registering with PR agencies and pitching brands. Working with various PR agencies and brands gave a purpose to continue working and upgrading my blog, it was possible for me to move my blog from a hosted site to self-hosted site (for those who do not know what self-hosting is, it is actually getting your own domain and hosting it either on their own server or paying a 3-rd party to host it for them, in short, it is how we can get a custom web address).

Now among all the questions, I am most asked is why do brands pay us or what do they gain. For starters, as a blogger, we have a reader base who follows the blog or follow us on Social media and we get a chance to introduce them to new products from a brand. And for the brand, they get to promote their products to a varied audience who otherwise may not know about their products. Unlike a celebrity who shoots an ad for a brand and gets paid, bloggers or micro influencers interact with their readers on a daily basis which is an immense help to the brands. Communicating with the targeted customer’s through the bloggers has a positive impact on the brands’ name.

While working with various PR person I have made some good friends, it is always nice talking to them and getting opportunities is always a plus. Nancy Behrman is a PR who works with various brands and helps with brand building she started Behrman Communications in 1985 when she was just 24-years-old. I like to get inspired by people like her. I have been thinking about taking up courses and eventually start a PR agency of my own for local businesses.

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